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Alfred Hitchcock is among the few directors to combine a strongreputation for high-art film- reservation with nifty audience popularity. Throughouthis c beer he gave his audiences more pleasure than could be asked for. Theconsistency of quality plot-lines and technical ingenuity earned him therecognition of being virtuoso of the greatest filmmakers of all time. His filmsearned him the reputation of being the master of suspense, and after viewingtwo of his more popular films, Psycho and The Birds, it is evident why. thereis a distinction between surprise, which lasts only a few seconds, and suspensewhich captivates ones attention the entire length of a film. This is somethingthat Hitchcock realized early on, and applied into his movies. He is one of thefew directors whose name on a marquee is as important, if not more so, than anyactor who appears in the film itself. Both his bolt of directing, and that ofthe movies that he has directed are rattling unique, making him stand o ut in thefilm industry. He pioneered the art of cinematography and special effects,which along with his cameos, are what he is most often associated with.Hitchcock led a long and prosperous life in the movie industry, starting as ateenager and making movies up until his death in 1980, while working on the 54thof his career (Sterrit 3). Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1889 in London, England.As a child his parents were very strict with him and they imposed severe andunusual punishments upon him, as what they considered to be discipline. One ofthese incidents scarred him for life. As punishment for arriving home late onenight, young Alfreds drive had a policeman friend lock the boy up in a cellfor five minutes, in order to teach him where naughty bittie boys who come homeafter 9 oclock would eventually end up. (Phillips 27). Throughout his careerhe used the innocent man being arrested and imprisoned in his films, and claimedthat forever after he had a fear of the police (Spoto 16). Fear was also a bigpart of his childhood, which later was evident in many a(prenominal) of his movies. Fear? Ithas influenced my life and my career. (18) explains Hitchcock, he also had afear of being alone and of darkness which once again appeared in many of hismovies. ...fear you see is an sensation that people like to feel when they knowthey are safe. (39).

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Witness, A Classic Novel Witness, a Newbery Medal awarded novel, was one of the many novels created by Karen Hesse, a wonderful author who has taught kids and children or so the past, has made a very interesting book about disembodied spirit that exists on a foundation of segregation and hatred. Racism as we all cognise it is very disturbing, annoying, and is not tolerable. This story is based on life on a foundation of segregation and dangers of racism. This one novel is placed in a small, under-populated city of Vermont, where a family of three, the Sutters, another family of 3, the Hirschs with a caring person, named Sara Chickering, and some people face many problems and solutions in their lives. As racism continues on to thrive in the town, Esther Hirsh, becomes a young fille who also faces discrimination only because she was a Jewish. In the same school as Esther, was a young Afri seat-American girl named Leonora who faces bully about almost every day, an d everywhere, yet because of her race. Her family is very well in poverty, and her mother is badly sick. She died later that month. In one quote,Why cant white folks leave me alone?(P7), explains how excruciating racism was. As the storyline progresses into the center of the story, Leonora saves Esther from a passenger train, everybody knows it as the Heaven Train. Esther cherished to meet her mother on the train who died when she was just a tiny little young girl, perhaps at the age of four or five. Leonora understand her but she didnt want her to go because Esther was perhaps her only best friend. Back in the transition from the beginning of the story, Esther also saved Leonoras life from the chilling winter cold. Sara Chickering, the caretaker of Esther, fina... ... the bridge to convince Johnny to get digest down. Im afraid of the Klan, he said. Then he surprisingly just jumped.All these scenes were all real, it all happened from 1920-1927. Karen witnessed a lot of horrors, but also some happiness. She did that by just simply writing books, novels and poetry. She mostly writes her novels in poetic form, what everybody does not usually do. This book inspired me and a lot to perhaps write a lot about the past, and admire and appreciate the present and what forget happen in the future. It also taught me many lessons about the important things, like the history of the KKK and what they did, also the history of segregation and how this country was broken up into pieces and how they were sawn back together. So this book is a very useful tool in learning and understanding and should be brought down from generation to generation...

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Essay on Names in Song of Solomon -- Song Solomon essays

The Importance of call in Song of Solomon Abstract In Toni Morrisons Song of Solomon, names have great implication. Language is extremely personal and deeply rooted in culture. Names are an integral part of language, and they armed service to establish identity, define personality, and show ownership through formal and informal usage. Tis but thy name that is my enemy / Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. / Whats Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot, / Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part / Belonging to a man. O, be some other name / Whats in a name? that which we call a go up / By any other name would smell as sweet / So Romeo would, were he not Romeo calld, / Retain that dear perfection which he owes / Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name, / And for that name which is no part of thee / Take all myself. -William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. In the play Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare claims that a name is just a name that it has no real significance. va rious(prenominal) names and the names of cultural and racial groups can be very influential, however, as Malcolm X explains in his On Afro-American History, So theyll say whites, Puerto Ricans and Negroes. break up on that. Thats a drag, brothers. White is legitimate. It means what color they are. Puerto Ricans tell you that theyre something else, came from somewhere else, but theyre here now. Negro doesnt tell you anything (16). In Toni Morrisons Song of Solomon, which describes the tribulations face by an African American family attempting to define and find themselves, names have great implication. Language is extremely personal and deeply rooted in culture. Names are an integral part... ...d many important lessons about his past as well. It was possible to see the transformation from materialistic to concerned that Milkman underwent. By coming to call with his roots, Milkman was able to become whole to become comfortable with who and what he was. Knowledge is power, and havi ng a name and a history are two of the most respectable things one could have. Works Cited and Consulted Bloom, Harold, ed. Modern Critical Views Toni Morrison. New York Chelsea House publish, 1990. Malcolm X. On Afro-American History. Audubon Ballroom, Harlem. 24 Jan 1965. Middleton, David. Toni Morrisons Fiction Contemporary Criticism. New York Garland, 1997. Morrison, Toni. Song of Solomon. New York Plume, 1987. Shakespeare, William. Romeo & Juliet. ed. Jane Backman. Lincolnwood NTC Publishing Group, 1994.

Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heat of the Day - Comparing Scenes in the Movie and Book :: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays

Elizabeth Bowens The Heat of the Day - Comparing Scenes in the Movie and Book With the Nazi invasion of France in the early 1940s, Europe became a very turbulent and dangerous place. There were many concerns of the people of all the countries of the continent bombings, invasion and especially espionage. In her fiction The Heat of the Day, Elizabeth Bowen describes the unsettling and uneasiness that were apparent in England during the war. Although Bowen gives us an eloquent description of the happens in England, readers get a much better view on the happens in certain scenes by viewing the adaptation of the novel into film. Although there are many scenes to compare between the film and the novel, the scene chosen for this study get outing be the funeral of Cousin Francis and the first appearance of Harrison in the movie. This occurs in the fourth chapter of the novel. A discussion of Robert and Stellas conversation in his room at Holme Dene will also occur. The first s cene begins, in the film, with Stella walking into the church when the funeral is about to begin. We see that she chooses to sit on the right side of the coffin where we can except assume that the family is meant sit. Next we see the camera pan to a shot of a man sitting on the opposite side of the isle. At this point, unless the interview has read the book, we have no idea who this man is. The funeral commences, ends and the next shot we see is the members of the funeral procession heading to the post funeral gathering. One odd thing that we must(prenominal) note at this point is that the unknown man who sat in the back of the church does not walk with anyone else in the party he seems to just now be follower. Many things occur at this point in the film. We learn that Stellas son Roderick has become the sole person to inherit Cousin Francis home, depend on Morris, according to the family lawyer. We also discover that no one in the whole funeral party knows who the man who sat i n the back of the church is. It is here in which we learn that the man is called Harrison after he introduces himself to Stella.

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Salvador Dali :: essays research papers

Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904. He was aleader in the current movement of art in the untimely 20th centurycalled Surrealism. In 1921 Dali studied at the SanFernando Acadamy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Here he was satisfactory to associate and learn from such Spanish modernistsas Fedrico Garcia Lorca, and Luis Bundel. He also wasinfluenced by Italian futurists and the metaphysical paintingsof Giorgio de Chirico. In his early works, however, Daligave credit to his own Catalan sense of fantasy and hismegalomania as being his true motivating forces. Dali leftthe San Fernando Acadamy of Fine Arts in 1926, andmove to genus Paris where he frequented the Cafe Cyrano, whichwas the home base of the Parisan surrealists. In 1929Cafe Cyrano featured an exhibit of Dalis own surrealistpaintings. Dali was also fascinated with the writings ofpsychologist Sigmund Freud. He was so travel byFrueds system that he subsequently vowed to his lifesambition to systemize confusion. Dali is best cogni se forhis surrealist works. Surrealism is an art style in whichimagery is based on fantasy and the world of dreams. It isthought have grown out of the French literary movement inthe 1920s and has its roots in Dadaism. These painters demonstrable a dreamlike, or hallucinatory, imagery that wasall the more startling for its highly realistic rendering. Someof Dalis better known paintings are Persistence Of store also know popularly as Soft Watches(1931), and The Sacrament Of The Last Supper(1955). These Paintings have become part of the definitive nature of 20th Century art. Dali apply many mediums toillustrate his inspirations. His most popular of course are hispaintings, but he also used such media as jewelry,advertisements, beer-bottle designs, ballet sets, andcostumes. Dali also experimented his talents in film as well.In 1928 he and childhood mentor Luis Bundel producedthe famous surrealist film Un Chein Andalou (AnSalvador Dali essays research papers Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904. He was aleader in the new movement of art in the early 20th centurycalled Surrealism. In 1921 Dali studied at the SanFernando Acadamy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Here he wasable to associate and learn from such Spanish modernistsas Fedrico Garcia Lorca, and Luis Bundel. He also wasinfluenced by Italian futurists and the metaphysical paintingsof Giorgio de Chirico. In his early works, however, Daligave credit to his own Catalan sense of fantasy and hismegalomania as being his true motivating forces. Dali leftthe San Fernando Acadamy of Fine Arts in 1926, andmove to Paris where he frequented the Cafe Cyrano, whichwas the headquarters of the Parisan surrealists. In 1929Cafe Cyrano featured an exhibit of Dalis own surrealistpaintings. Dali was also fascinated with the writings ofpsychologist Sigmund Freud. He was so moved byFrueds theory that he subsequently vowed to his lifesambition to systemize confusion. Dali is best known forhis surrealist works. Surrealism is an art sty le in whichimagery is based on fantasy and the world of dreams. It isthought have grown out of the French literary movement inthe 1920s and has its roots in Dadaism. These paintersdeveloped a dreamlike, or hallucinatory, imagery that wasall the more startling for its highly realistic rendering. Someof Dalis better known paintings are Persistence OfMemory also know popularly as Soft Watches(1931), and The Sacrament Of The Last Supper(1955). These Paintings have become part of the definitiverecord of 20th Century art. Dali used many mediums toillustrate his inspirations. His most popular of course are hispaintings, but he also used such media as jewelry,advertisements, beer-bottle designs, ballet sets, andcostumes. Dali also experimented his talents in film as well.In 1928 he and childhood mentor Luis Bundel producedthe famous surrealist film Un Chein Andalou (An

Salvador Dali :: essays research papers

Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904. He was aleader in the new movement of art in the early 20th centurycalled Surrealism. In 1921 Dali studied at the SanFernando Acadamy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Here he wasable to associate and get word from such Spanish modernistsas Fedrico Garcia Lorca, and Luis Bundel. He as well wasinfluenced by Italian futurists and the metaphysical paintingsof Giorgio de Chirico. In his early works, however, Daligave credit to his feature Catalan sense of dream and hismegalomania as being his true motivating forces. Dali leftthe San Fernando Acadamy of Fine Arts in 1926, andmove to Paris where he frequented the coffee shop Cyrano, whichwas the headquarters of the Parisan surrealists. In 1929 coffeehouse Cyrano featured an exhibit of Dalis own surrealistpaintings. Dali was also fascinated with the writings ofpsychologist Sigmund Freud. He was so moved byFrueds theory that he after vowed to his lifesambition to systemize confusion. Dali is best fill ou tn forhis surrealist works. Surrealism is an art style in whichimagery is establish on fantasy and the sphere of dreams. It isthought have grown out of the French literary movement inthe 1920s and has its roots in Dadaism. These paintersdeveloped a dreamlike, or hallucinatory, imagery that wasall the more startling for its highly realistic rendering. Someof Dalis better known paintings are constancy OfMemory also know popularly as Soft Watches(1931), and The Sacrament Of The Last Supper(1955). These Paintings have become part of the definitiverecord of 20th ampere-second art. Dali used many mediums to lucubrate his inspirations. His most popular of course are hispaintings, but he also used such media as jewelry,advertisements, beer-bottle designs, ballet sets, andcostumes. Dali also experimented his talents in film as well.In 1928 he and childhood mentor Luis Bundel producedthe famous surrealist film Un Chein Andalou (AnSalvador Dali essays research papers Salvador Dali was bo rn on May 11, 1904. He was aleader in the new movement of art in the early 20th centurycalled Surrealism. In 1921 Dali studied at the SanFernando Acadamy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Here he wasable to associate and learn from such Spanish modernistsas Fedrico Garcia Lorca, and Luis Bundel. He also wasinfluenced by Italian futurists and the metaphysical paintingsof Giorgio de Chirico. In his early works, however, Daligave credit to his own Catalan sense of fantasy and hismegalomania as being his true motivating forces. Dali leftthe San Fernando Acadamy of Fine Arts in 1926, andmove to Paris where he frequented the Cafe Cyrano, whichwas the headquarters of the Parisan surrealists. In 1929Cafe Cyrano featured an exhibit of Dalis own surrealistpaintings. Dali was also fascinated with the writings ofpsychologist Sigmund Freud. He was so moved byFrueds theory that he subsequently vowed to his lifesambition to systemize confusion. Dali is best known forhis surrealist works. Surrealism is an ar t style in whichimagery is based on fantasy and the world of dreams. It isthought have grown out of the French literary movement inthe 1920s and has its roots in Dadaism. These paintersdeveloped a dreamlike, or hallucinatory, imagery that wasall the more startling for its highly realistic rendering. Someof Dalis better known paintings are Persistence OfMemory also know popularly as Soft Watches(1931), and The Sacrament Of The Last Supper(1955). These Paintings have become part of the definitiverecord of 20th Century art. Dali used many mediums toillustrate his inspirations. His most popular of course are hispaintings, but he also used such media as jewelry,advertisements, beer-bottle designs, ballet sets, andcostumes. Dali also experimented his talents in film as well.In 1928 he and childhood mentor Luis Bundel producedthe famous surrealist film Un Chein Andalou (An

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Steel and Continuous Improvement

persisting breakment as a business strategy interpolation The poise manufacturing company Corus focuses on conform toing the involve of its worldwide customers and providing sophisticated solutions. It manufactures, processes and distributes marque and aluminium mathematical products worldwide. Corus is a subsidiary of Tata Steel, part of the giant Indian conglomerate. Tata assemblage includes businesses in many industries for example, chemicals, automotive, telecommunications, leisure and consumer goods ( such(prenominal) as Tetley Tea). Tata Steel acquired Corus in 2007 as part of a strategy of international expansion.Steel is everywhere in our homes and all approximately us. Corus Construction & Industrial (CCI), a business unit of Corus, has blade manufacturing facilities in Scunthorpe, Teesside, Scotland and France. The key markets for CCI include device, energy and re stark naked adequate to(p)s, engineering and machinery, mining and earthmoving equipment, shipbuild ing, fastenings and rail. The principle manufacturing site at Scunthorpe covers 2,000 acres and employs 5,500 people. The site consumes 6. 5 million tonnes of iron ore and 2 million tonnes of coal each year to produce 4. 3 million tonnes of stain products.CCI products go into a range of leading edge developments Rail Steel Sections Main supplier to Net range Rail, SNCF (French railways) and Metronet (London Underground) Wide ranging construction projects e. g. w arhousing, shopping centres, hospitals, tower blocks (Canary Wharf), bridge components, stadia, machinery (bulldozer hatch shoes, fork lift trucks) Everything from paperclips to bolts, to bed springs, bridge wire (for suspension bridges), tyre cord (to strengthen vehicles tyres) Ships, construction and mining machinery, wind towers, oil rigs, bridges, (e. g. the Humber Bridge), major construction projects, tanks and pressure vessels.Steel shield is also used in harnessing re smartable energy such as in wind turbine towe rs. CURRICULUM TOPICS Continuous improvement authorisation Target setting Changing refinement GLOSSARY Subsidiary an organisation that is part of a larger company. Sections H or I cross-section poise beams and columns in various lengths and thicknesses. Rods long lengths of generally round (typically 5-15mm diameter) cross-section steel supplied in coils. Plates large area flat steel. A typical ordered surface is 10m long x 2. 5m wider. Thicknesses range from 6mm to 80mm. Plant buildings or machines used in industry.Differentiate to distinguish a business from its competitors. Steel Rods Steel Plates Modern steel issue is a large scale operation dealing in wide quantities of materials and products. The process of steel plate production has several stages receipt of pre-cut steel slabs from the steel plant reheating of slabs rolling to achieve required dimension and mechanical properties initial inspection for surface or quality defects cutting to order size mug with unique identities cold levelling to agreed flatness standard final inspection loading and despatch to customer.Producing large volumes helps to drive down the costs of running huge and expensive steel plant. Overall, this results in steel being a relatively inexpensive product, typically around 50 pence per kilogram, some the same as a kilogram of potatoes. In a major building project, such as a shopping complex, the cost of the steel gouge be as miniscule as 5% of the overall cost of the project. Because of these issues, CCI needs to differentiate its business from its competitors in order to continue to grow. 57 CORUS www. the snips100. co. ukGLOSSARY Greenfield site land not that built on or buildings on land that has not been used for building before. Continuous advance (CI) continuous incremental improvements in manufacturing and other processes. broth a stockpile of goods. Lean production an approach to production that looks to minimise waste and inefficiency. Schedu ling planning activities showing the times or dates when they are think to happen. Takt time the maximum time allowed to produce a product to meet demand. Taken from German taktzeit clock cycle.Culture the typical pattern of doing things in an organisation. press forward make possible or easier. Engagement people being committed and confused with ideas or activities. CCIs business strategy is to produce quality steel to satisfy customer requirements, focusing on delivering products at the right time in order to secure profitable business. A key challenge is to meet the increasing demands for more steel, at increasing levels of quality and to comply with more demanding delivery requirements. It would be straightforward to meet these challenges using brand-new facilities.However, a new greenfield site steel mill could cost more than ? 300 million to build. CCI therefore needs to make process efficiencies and quality and delivery improvements with its existing manufacturing plant. This presents challenges when cured facilities are not well structured to use modern manufacturing techniques and processes. This case study focuses on the process of Continuous Improvement (CI) at the CCI steel plate manufacturing mill at Scunthorpe. It will show how Corus is finding new ways of achieving its objectives from existing resources.Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement is often referred to by the Japanese boy Kaizen. Kaizen means change for the better and covers all processes in an organisation. These include engineering, IT, financial, commercial and customer service processes, as well as manufacturing. CI involves making unbroken small improvements to a process rather than big changes at irregular intervals. This requires close monitoring and control, changes to the uses of manpower, machinery, methods, materials and money to improve business efficiency.Continuous Improvement starts with management and downstairs their leadership works down through the org anisation. The underlying theme is that everyone is responsible and has a part to play in making improvements. All employees must work together to identify the steps needed to improve working practices. Planning collisions help teams to focus on satisfying customer needs. Visual management techniques, such as flow charts and wall charts make clear what resources are necessary and who is responsible for each part in the process. Everyone has the opportunity to eliminate waste.This is any activity or process that does not add value. A key question to define waste is would a customer pay for that process? There are seven main areas of waste for any business transportation moving materials or products about inventory keeping too ofttimes or the pervert stock motion people moving or travelling excessively waiting times allowing products to wait for processing overproduction making too much over processing doing too many processes during manufacture defects errors or fl aws in the product causing rework or needing to be scrapped.Production processes that minimise waste are referred to as lean production. In these processes, the aim is to use less of everything, for example, space, materials or time. CCI in Scunthorpe is looking to reduce waste in its plate manufacturing process. It has adopted the concept of flow. This means that the products are pulled through the process according to customer demand. All parts of the production process, from the supply of raw steel (slab) to the faultless steel plate, are carefully planned.Scheduling for each element of the process ensures that bottlenecks are kept to a minimum. Each process is paced (known as takt time) to control the amount of product in each stage of the process. This ensures that processes operate smoothly without overload or delay and keep the desired output and quality. Tonnage was the traditional key mensuration of productivity for CCI. For employees to work to a smooth paced process ne eded a significant culture change. Implementing a Continuous Improvement culture CI needs team work. In Scunthorpe, a CI manager coordinates the process. 0 CI Coaches chosen from the men received training to facilitate improvements. CCI has put together a toolbox of techniques which the coaches use with managers, employees and operators. These help everyone understand where and how they can improve their work. A CI culture means that everyone can put forward ideas and have a say in how processes can change for the better. This is known as engagement. 58 An organisation needs to know where it is going in order to be able to put in place the resources it needs to achieve its plans.This is set out in a imagination. Scunthorpe plate mill has set out a 5-year vision improvement plan which will help in the process of developing a CI culture for the business. Everyone in the organisation has to understand and actively obligate the plan. Workshops for all employees have taken place to ex plain the vision and why the change is necessary if CCI is to remain competitive. www. thetimes100. co. uk GLOSSARY Vision a concise outline in words, setting out what an organisation is striving to achieve. Stock rotation keeping goods moving in order.Feedstock material supplied into the start of the process, eg steel slab prepared for resultant rolling to steel plate. Empowered authorised to take decisions. Helped by the CI Coaches, workers have drawn subroutines of their processes. These show the links between the stages of manufacturing as well what reading flow is needed. The maps show details of tonnages number of products rework cycles inspection points stocks delays costs. The first part of this process is a current state value stream map. This shows what the systems and processes are like now.The next stage considers what the future state map would look like. This highlights what CCI needs to do to achieve this state, for example, investing in new processes, equi pment or additional staffing. Scunthorpe plate mill has 16 system maps. These link to each other to give an overview of the whole process. For each of the 16 systems, a number of rules about stock levels and stock rotation have been set up Stock rotation ensures that the plates for one customer do not become buried beneath others and therefore delayed. The required amount of slab steel (feedstock) must be in front of the mill by the Tuesday of the week in which the material is to be rolled. By rolling plates in the planned week, the mill is properly paced and all downstream processes (such as cutting, levelling and inspection) can be scheduled accordingly. Using the value stream maps has helped CCI to improve process flows and the working environment. It has also reduced unnecessary motion, transport and processing.By taking these small steps and involving everyone in the vision, the delivery of product has increased from 70% of plates on time to 92% on time. Target setting CI wo rking requires everyone to think differently about the way they work. It was recognised that people might be resistant and cling on to old ways of working. The key was getting all workers to see change as their responsibility. The CI coaches support the teams and individuals and promote or champion new ways of working. Over time, the team and individuals are empowered to take responsibility and make decisions for themselves.To help workers accept the changes, the 5-year plan established a timeline for the programme of introducing change. Year Nature of attitudes to change within the organisation Expertise and responsibility for CI 2007 Resistant (workers resist change) 2008 Adaptive (workers begin to adjust to new ideas) Champions and change managers 2009 Accepting (workers start to apply new methods) Manufacturing and process managers 2010 Embracing (workers recognise the benefits of change) Team leaders 2011 Performing (new ideas are fully adopted by the workers) The team CORUS CI coaches 59An important part of the Continuous Improvement programme was the creation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Previously, measures at Corus were largely based on tonnes of steel rolled. This did not show whether it met customers needs or whether the steel needed rework because it didnt meet customer requirements. www. thetimes100. co. uk Corus has set new KPIs which focus on meeting customer deadlines, such as a zero backlog of customer orders this means customers always get their deliveries on time meeting targets for rolling steel plate in its allotted week.Corus monitors and measures how its operations compare with other producers and competitors in the steel industry. This process of benchmarking means that Corus is continually reviewing its activities to achieve best practice. Corus shares relevant selective information both within and across Corus to drive improvement. It also spreads appropriate technical knowledge and information across the steel industry t hrough international groups such as the International Iron and Steel Institute.GLOSSARY Key performance indicators criteria against which the success of an individual or organisation is measured. Benchmarking using an index, standard or point of audience to measure or judge a quality or value. Best practice the development of performance standards based upon the most efficient practices within an organisation. check time the time taken from receipt of order details from the customer to receipt of the ordered goods at the customer. The benefits of Continuous ImprovementThere are significant costs involved in setting up a Continuous Improvement programme, including allocating employee time to participate in group work training coaches setting up a manual of tools and techniques. However, Corus is already seeing the benefits of CI with reduced waste through lean production improved product quality reduced rework time faster response times, giving more customers their orders on time becoming more competitive by driving down costs retaining/gaining customers through innovative products and services.KPIs show that the Scunthorpe mill is achieving its targets for rolling steel in planned weeks and is delivering almost 100% of customers orders pad and on time. Scunthorpe Plate Mill aims to have all orders complete and on time by March 2009, while at the same time reducing lead time. The principles of team working help to create a more flexible workforce. This gives Corus the capacity to increase or change production when necessary. In addition, Corus employees are more likely to be satisfied and motivated when they smell out that they are making a contribution.They can see their expertise helps to create a more effective company. By empowering its workers, Corus gains a more committed workforce which helps to drive further improvement. The Times Newspaper Limited and MBA Publishing Ltd 2008. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of informat ion, neither the publisher nor the client can be held responsible for errors of omission or commission. Conclusion Corus is transforming production at its Scunthorpe plate mill through Continuous Improvement.This way of working encourages all employees to coif as team members to identify and support work improvement opportunities. Increasingly employees at every level are making improvement their responsibility, which provides employee job satisfaction. Continuous Improvement helps Corus to provide quality products and services for customers with on time delivery. CI supports Corus aim to achieve satisfied customers and secure repeat sales and longer bound orders. It is part of a long term strategy based on service to develop the business.It aims to improve operational demands to fulfil customer expectations and out-perform competitors. Questions 1. What is Continuous Improvement? Who would be involved in this process and what would they be doing to enable improvements? 2. Describ e the type of culture Corus is developing. How will the vision plan help to develop this culture? 3. Analyse how achieving its KPIs will help Corus to give its customers satisfaction. 4. Evaluate the key benefits of CI in helping Corus to become a more innovative and customer centre organisation. www. corusgroup. com 60

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Analysis of Mise-En-Scene in the Film ‘American Beauty’

How does mise-en-scene create meaning and provoke response in the opening of American witness? The opening scene of American Beauty shows a teenage girl lying in a bed, venting her feelings towards her father. In this, the audience sees her in long-winded clothing and colours, minimal make-up and has greasy-looking hair. As she sits up, her hair falls around her face and she stares directly into the camera, giving a sense of unease to the audience. The next hypothesis is an establishing gap, showing the street where the main character, Leister, lives.Its fall/autumn time and the trees are bare or dying, possibly indicating and foreshadowing a death later on in the movie. Also the streets are very linear, all vertical and in equal, as it were. The opening very much renders emptiness and dysfunctional family familys. A thoroughgoing(a) example of this would be the bedroom shot the room is very empty and bland. The colour scheme looks very neutral as the walls, carpets, sheets a nd even lamps are creams and white- a clean look.The bedroom is likewise divided and symmetrical the audience gets the feel that the relationship between Leister and his wife is not very close and intimacy is lacking. Also, the lamps and bedside tables pose either side of the bed suggests separation and how their relationship seems very Mr&Mrs. Leister is also a disruption to the room- his checked pyjamas are in linear and in uniform with the rest of the room- as he looks out of place, sprawled in the bed, sheets ruffled and contrasting with the colour scheme of the room.When Leister then moves into the shower, the audience sees him ease his face into the pouring water, suggesting how he might ease his way into life situations slowly and cautiously. The next shot pans across the room as Leister masturbates in the shower, indicating the lack of intimacy in his relationship and that he feels the need and obligation to satisfy his own sexual needs. The shot shows the shower doors and the vertical lines around the door frame, looking like bars almost, suggesting he is enclosed. This sense of enclosure and being trapped is repeated and a recurring theme throughout the date.This opening introduces the familys lifestyle and sets the scene for the audience, from the shot quest Leisters shower, the audience gets the sense that the wife is the head of the house as she gardens in a gleaming, contemporary looking garden. The camera goes to a close up on the rose as the woman clips it from the bush. This rose is called American Beauty which is also the name of the film. She is dressed in a plain grey suit of clothes and a clean white apron, again fitting in with the colour scheme of the interior decor.She also wears pearl earrings and a pearl necklace with her hair perfectly framing this and has impeccable make up, indicating what the perfect American housewife should resemble. She also converses with the homosexual neighbours about the secret to her roses flourishi ng so well she seems happy and overly enthusiastic. The audience then see a shot of Leister, again, enclosed in an environment- this time the window. The audience sees him behind the window panes, in between two bright blue shutters, indicating his isolation and loneliness at bottom his own home. The colour blue is also an interesting choice by the director.Blue suggests calm and tranquillity within the home, and also reflects on the colour of the perfect blue sky. Leister seems to fit in as he reflects on his own life and his past happiness, and also seems unsettled within himself, contrasting to the natural connotations of the colour blue. Following this shot, the daughter, Janey, is introduced as she types on her computer in her bedroom. Janey wears a jumper with roses embellished across the top half, with stripes down the arms, it is a very busy jumper and again her sleeves represents a similar linear lifestyle to that of the rest of the house.The camera then moves to a point of view shot so the audience can see what she is looking at- as she shuts down a list of some sort, a web page on breast Augmentation is shown for a few seconds, giving the audience enough time to read the title of the page and respond. This is deemed to be something a teenaged girl uncomfortable in her own body would typically look at. Janey then walks over to her mirror and turns to the side and stares at her breast and visually inspects them in disgust.She seems disheartened and is dressed in a pair of beige/khaki trousers which completely contrast to her jumper, making her look frumpy and out of place. The outside of the house is then shown in a long shot as Janey and Leister exit the house to the family car. The house looks bright and contemporary with bright blue shutters, a red door to compliment the roses in the bushes, perfect green lawn and a white picket fence, again representing enclosure, the feeling that Leister is trapped in a cage. The house looks like a family home that wishes to portray friendliness and welcome guests.Also, the family car is much too large for the family there is too much space inside. This shows how empty the family life is and suggests the proximity of relationships within the family. The family location in the car is also odd, the wife in the front seat driving, Janey in the passenger seat and Leister taking a nap, hugging his suitcase to his federal agency in the back seat Leister has almost taken the childs role in the family. The camera then shows the audience the view from the back window, and focuses on one small, lonesome cloud that has broken away from the others.This could show Leisters isolation and how he feels like he is sedated, cast away from the other lot and disconnected and alone. Overall, this opening sequence really uses mise-en scene to provoke empathy for Leister and to an extent, Janey, and show a deeper meaning into the familys lifestyle. The director has used mise-en-scene throughout the opening sequence to show how dysfunctional a seemingly perfect family is and unravels family problems and struggles within the first four minutes just by using props, patterns and structuring settings.

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Late Adulthood Paper Essay

People eachwhere the age of 65 commit gone through with(predicate) a sustenance of changes. He or she starts off as a young baby. He or she then develops into a growing child. into a young item-by-item, and finally into a full adult. Now however is the hardest stage of any(prenominal) older individuals life, they start to realize that metre is limited and their life is slowly starting to decline and come to an end. This experience plenty be very frightening to the individual because the elderly person is noticing contrary changes and the rise of different needs. Changes not only physically but socially are occurring, the need for proper liveness accommodations, and wellness care are their new worries. With this being tell there are some(prenominal) challenges not only for the aging individual but for the whole family as well. One of the social changes that elderly have to traverse out with is the changes in role and social position. Individuals who have lived a long li fe track down to have a social status that is oft taken international when they retire.This is due to the fact that the individual is no longish in the environment he or she is used to. To make this clearer one example would be soul who has worked for a company for thirty plus years. In these years the individual most likely has made countless friends, on top of that the individual efficacy have been in position of authority. When the individual retires he or she loses the environment that made him the individual he or she was. Some adults go into a knock down because they no longer have a purpose. Some feel like they are no longer needed, and often many older people tend to feel neglected or left out of society (Zastrow, H. C., & Oren, D.2009). It is a difficult time for the elderly. Because before they were needed, they had a purpose. Raised children, had a purpose in their career, and often had friends and peers that made their social life exciting. With these last remain ing years this all starts to fade away, friends, family, a loved one, and even their own health. This is why living in a nursing home can be so beneficial. It is expected by the year 2050, that there will be just over one hundred million adults over the age ofsixty five (Administration of Aging, 2014).Currently there are just over 20 million adults of the age of sixty five years of age. What this means is that the need for facilities such as hospices and nursing homes, as well as other health care related facilities will be on a rise as the years continue. Living accommodations in a nursing home whitethorn not be a farfetched idea for an elderly individual. This is because nursing homes have individuals just like their own. One reason most senior citizens trace depressed is because they are often left alone, let us say their partner had passed away, most senior citizens withdraw from the world too. (2009). Nursing homes may stop new friendships and bonds to be formed with people in their own age group. A nursing home or hospice is the perfect environment for an aging individual not only for the social aspect, but the health aspects as well. When an elderly adult lives alone his or her health will often be exceedingly neglected. In a nursing or hospice home however, there are many great health benefits to take into consideration. According to Dependableathome (2009) the benefits of having an elderly adult in a nursing home is because of the environment is made for retired individuals.For one the nurses are all skilled, and highly equipped to handle aged individuals. These facilities allow for individuals to get operate such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language services, as well as many other medical checkup and social services that can ensure that the individuals needs are met as best as possible. These are all benefits to an individual that went through adjustment in twain retirement and their relationship in marriage, family a nd peer relationships. Adjustments into retirement can be difficult to overcome retirement is one of the hardest situations to adjust to. When a person retires, he or she realizes that their life is starting to come down. Often most individuals do not know what to do with their self. Often for most people it takes a fleck for them to adjust to being home all day Zastrow, H. C., & Oren, D. (2009). They often try to find projects to do around the house but after a bit a form of depression kicks in.Another transition they must face is their changes in marriage, their family, and their peer relationships. Often sooner or later a cooperator will die, peers will start to die, and family starts to drift off. This is an inevitable process. When a spouse dies the individual usually withdraws from society. When peers start to die it is a bittersweetremembrance that their time is limited and the people they connected with in the past are no longer here. Family like children are full grown a nd living their own lives, this often neglects the older adult and is usually left alone to spend his or her remaining years by him or herself. Senior citizens not only deal with these types of hardships but social political hardships as well. Adults who are retired have a tough task at hand indeed. Individuals who once were working no longer have near the income that they once had. Most retired adults made poor choices as into how to set an up a retirement plan. Thus most retired adults only have social security income. Surviving on social security income alone is nearly impossible.Thus there are many social policies, laws and programs aimed into trying to help our retired population. decent health care is one of the policies trying to be ensured to each retired adult. Proper health care will allow for ones parent to be ensured into a proper nursing home.According to Administration of Aging. (2014), political issues that surround retired adults, include equipped and ensuring the proper resources are available to retired adults. These resources include proper medical care. Proper institutions such as nursing homes are available in the right areas and environment, and to make sure the low income retired adults are getting the nutrition he or she needs. There are also plenty of organizations aimed to ensure and to fight potential cuts to the older population to ensure that these populations get what they rightfully deserve.(2014). On a final note, in our growing population the need for facilities such as hospices, and nursing homes are on all time rises.With this growing population many families have to deal with the inevitable loss of a loved one. This inevitable lose can be a very tough, and challenging time for any family. For families a nursing home may be a perfect solution to help a family member in his or her last phase, or journey if one may in life. For with this growing population there are many different needs and factors that contribute in the late r adulthood stage. Well obvious needs and changes are biological some needs are not so obvious such changing needs both occur in social needs, and personality needs as well. Whatever the need may be it is important to take into consideration of each and every one of these retired individual are needs. Each one of these people have helped contribute in some sort of way into the growth of our country and we as a country need toensure that these people are getting the proper care they deserve.ReferencesAdministration of Aging. (2014). Retrieved from http// Dependableathome. (2009). Retrieved from http//, H. C., & Oren, D. (2009). Understanding Human Behavior and the Social environment (8th Ed.). Retrieved from the University of Phoenix EBook Collection Database

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Hamlet’s antic disposition is feigned Essay

crossroads has been known as one of the greatest of Shakespeares plays. This is mainly because the protagonist has mingled scholarly chiefs for centuries on end with his complex personality and muddled thoughts, which in turn leads onto his actions, or rather inaction. His incomprehensibility by many leads me only to conclude that he is mad.His irrational and rational thoughts are forever in conflict due to his state of depression and paranoia therefore, he chooses to put on an antic disposition which serves as a convenient outlet to his sanity slipping away (Wilson), masking the true nature of his mind, which has become far gone, far gone. In crossroadss introduction, we see him portrayed as a weak, melancholic man as exemplified by his clothes of nighted colours.He is consumed by the grief of the locomote of his father, the dexterity of which his mother re-marries, and her pleasure in entering the incestuous sheets with Claudius, settlements Uncle. This melancholic state is s hown to be quite serious in his soliloquies, where he states that he wants to Thaw and resolve himself into a dew. This sorrowful talk of suicide understandably shows settlements melancholic mind which can be perceived as mad.In the Elizabethan clock, Hamlets melancholy would have been seen as an imbalance of humour, therefore, although non as blatant as Ophelias madness, Hamlet would have still been perceived to be insane. Perhaps in the modern day, one would state that Hamlet is not completely sure that he is insane, just now rather that there is an underlying layer of insanity in Hamlets subconscious which influences the temperamental consciousness which the audience sees on stage.Freud states that the conscious mind is similar to a fountain which rises from a great subterranean pool, which is the subconscious. Complying with this image, due to the particular that Hamlet is inclined to take the path of self-slaughter, which he would have through with(p) were it not for hi s fear of Gods canon gainst it, I can only conclude that Hamlet is emotionally and mentally damaged. He consciously clings onto his conscious sanity by turning his hatred towards Gertrudes incestuous sheets however, he is al occupyy rotten subconsciously due to his depression.Stoll states that Hamlet was a conversion man, pleasant contemplation. implying that Hamlet never intended to take part in murder and insanity, but is merely an intellectual spirit (Coleridge). However, the renaissance was a time of change, a revival of learning and culture. How can Stoll justify Hamlets thoughts of suicide with such an absurd argument as he was a renaissance man? His thoughts of to be or not to be are marks of inclination towards the path of suicide however, suicide is nothing but an escape.It certainly does not relate to a renaissance man whose method of thinking would be that of intellectual learning and change for the better. It is a mere product of his insanity which is in turn produced by his melancholia. Perhaps Hamlets treatment of Ophelia is the prevailing factor in which we can clearly see Hamlets insanity. Wilson sawbuck states that he is murdering his love for Ophelia, on the brink of insanity, taking delight in cruelty. Hamlet has been summed up quite well within this quote, however, Knight is mistaken in stating that Hamlet was on the brink of insanity.Hamlet was not on the brink. He has passed the brink and fallen into his dismal insanity this is clearly exemplified through his temperamental behaviour. In his letters, Hamlet writes to Ophelia, never doubt I love, however, in his scene alone with Ophelia, he labels her a whore and states that he love you (Ophelia) not. His behaviour here cannot be justified by assumptions that he realised Polonius and his Uncle were there, for he only realises this sometime afterwards his mood swings where is your father? The fact that he suspects another presence to be in the room only further conveys his paranoia. I n the nunnery scene of Kenneth Branaghs Hamlet, Hamlet hears a faints heavy which gives him evidence to presume Polonius is present, however, in the original text, there is no such pause or sound. It is said in a fluent motion which when read out loud, making clear that his thoughts are compiled haphazardly upon one another exemplifying his imbalanced mind. Ophelia was not acting differently to him yet his insanity manifested itself as paranoia.It is a mere coincidence that this paranoia was founded. His treatment of Ophelia is a clear case where his insanity looms into his conscious. Surely this shows his deterioration and progression towards complete subconscious and conscious insanity. Hamlets afterwards exclamation that he love Ophelia in the graveyard scene with apparent sorrow clearly contradicts his earlier statement that he loved her not. Why he would state such lies to a women he loved for he had no reason to say he loved her after she was dead is puzzling.It is clear t hat insanity had created his imbalanced mind, and the graveyard scene merely shows that shreds of his mind before his depression and insanity set in are still present. Another such case where Hamlet shows conscious insanity is in his talk with Polonius where he calls Polonius a fishmonger and answers his questions irrationally. Although he may mask it as attempting to fool Polonius and others by acting insane, Hamlet is too convincing. Hamlet has given too much away and shown his insanity.The foolish Polonius states that Hamlets replies are meaning(a) with meaning, but Hamlet has merely succeeded in convincing Polonius with mere wit. The only thing Hamlet is pregnant with is his insanity which grows and shows itself in full bloom later in the play. Analysis of Hamlets psyche leads quite nicely into his possible Oedipal complex. This is the theory which postulates that Hamlet represses his subconscious sexual desires for Gertrude and it is this subconscious sexual thwarting which in fluences his conscious behaviour to become one of obsession and temperamental paranoia.Ernest Jones states that Hamlet feels anguish caused by his father being replaced in his mothers heart and souls and that the affection he feels for his mother has underlying erotic qualities. In regards to the replacement of his father, this is quite understandable, for change is hard. His father, Hamlets idol (as clearly conveyed through his talks of him as a Hyperion) has been destroyed and the whole structure has fallen. Hamlet wishes to almost become his father due to the subconscious sexual desires that would be fulfilled if he was to pass on this.Therefore, it is only natural that he would feel hate for an intruder Claudius for he is almost taking what his subconscious describes as rightfully his. In the closet scene, where Hamlet says to Gertrude that he will set up a glass where you can see the inmost part of you, there is a certain ambiguity in the statement which could have one mean ing of reflecting evaluation, and another more sexually explicit meaning. In Kenneth Branaghs Hamlet, this line is vividly conveyed as if he was astir(predicate) to rape Gertrude.Possibly obsession and insanity followed the anger which spewed out of him coming up to this line, and were it not for the foolish actions of Polonius, it would have gone further. Hans Eysenck has regarded this theory as stagnant speculation. However, it is not merely speculation for the evidence supporting such a theory refutes this claim. Due to the presence of the Oedipal complex, Hamlets speech clearly shows an obsession with the coupling of Claudius and Gertrude.Although this may be due to revenge, the focus on the incestuous sheets and adulterous further supports the Oedipal. Moreover, if Hamlets mind was completely focus on revenge, then he would have carried out the vengeful murder directly after the play. He does not because he is confused and internally contrast against his subconscious sexual desires and his conscious revenge ideas. This is why he does not kill Claudius for quite some time. These conflictions within his psyche is a clear characteristic of an imbalanced mind implying his insanity.

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Manage Quality Customer Service Essay

DESCRIPTION OF THE ORGANISATIONTelstra Corporation Limited is a Public Company that is ranked number 9 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia utter on Ibis World a Businessreporting site (World, Ibis, 2011). The company generates the majority of its income from the Telecommunication Services in Australia industry. Telstra has employed 39,790 people by June, in that respect end of Financial social class 2011. Since 2009 its current CEO, is David Thodey. (Telstra, 2011) The name Telstra is derived from the word Telecommunication Australia. The (TEL) is from Telecommunication and (STRA) from Australia. The creation of this name was trading under Telecom Australia domestically until a constant branding of Telstra was introduced throughout the entire organisation in 1995. (About Telstra Fast Facts,2011).Business Operations Book and Telephone Directory Publishing in Australia Telecommunications and Other electric and Electronic Equipment Wholesaling in Australia Telecommunication Se rvices in Australia Wired Telecommunications Carriers in Australia Mobile Telecommunications Carriers in Australia Internet Service Providers in Australia Online Information Services in AustraliaTelstras Business Units Telstra Consumer including Country serve ups the metropolitan, regional, rural and remote aras of Australia. It provides telecommunications products and work, for home and mobile phones and devices, to fixed and wireless internet as well as generate TV services. Telstra Enterprise & Government (TE&G) is the leading provider of net charm solutions and services to Enterprise and Governments in Australia. Telstra Business is a nonher division answerable for serving the involve of Australias small to medium enterprises (SME) with fixed phone line, mobile and broadband. Data and Internet solutions can be tailored for melody.IDENTIFY THE TARGET customer eon of guestAge Group 55+ 35-44 25-34 45-54 8-24Customers2008/09 9.9% 30.6% 23.9% 25.7% 9.8% 2009/10 11.1% 30.5% 24.3% 25.9% 8.2% 2010/11 12.0% 29.9% 24.4% 26.3% 7.4%Telstra provide products and services to Home and Family (residential), Businesses, Government and Wholesale nodes. This also includes a Disability Equipment computer programme for people with a disability and Access for everyone packages for people on a low income. The map found in a Telstra Sustainability Report (Davies, Paul Migonneau, Bastein, 2011) shows the voice of different aged group customers that own been connected with Telstra. root word (Davies, Paul Migonneau, Bastein, 2011)KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORSKey performance indicators (KPIs) are ways to periodically evaluate the performances of organisations, business units, and their departments and employees. They measure the process through a SMART criterion by Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time. Monitoring KPI as a whole and through staff performanceThe Call Centre Activity chart shows the percentage of customers that called and counts for each action that can occur once a call has been queued to a call centre. This is one form of measuring call centre KPI. People must learn to work together, crave for help, training etceteratera and understand how to relate to one another otherwise the police squads output forget be less than it could be. This Call Centre chart generated a report that includes statistics relating to one call centers. The chart report provides information related to how calls are handled by call centers once they have been queued. Successful leaders treat for and support colleagues and employees.Treating people with respect, demonstrating integrity, and showing empathy streng thus the development of trust and confidence in the workplace. In order to make your teamwork on their set goals, performance and fitting KPI you must demonstrate that you are time-tested, honest, and trustworthy and that you walk your talk. They need to know your values in action and that you have their best interests at heart. Th ey need to see that you value openness andhonesty in offering and receiving feedback.SERVICE TARGETSAs technology has grown, so has the ease by which information can be generated and presented to management and stakeholders. Today, everyone seems concerned about information overload, From my thorough investigations online I can report that service targets are reported quarterly to identify opportunities for improvement and outline build of achievement and adjustments if needed are also do at this point. The most informative reports I found online from 2010-2012 on Telstra are Financial Results for Half Year end 31 December 2011 Telstra Corporation Limited and controlled entities and Telstra Sustainability Report 2011 They all outline the results of Telstras performance, goals and statistics in achieving their customer service/product commitments. When organisations constantly suss out their service delivery, they gather an enormous amount of data. The data collected is importan t and crucial to the ongoing survival of the organisation and therefore it must be recorded, hold and be doorwayible. The financial report Financial Results for Half Year ended 31 December 2011 (Laird, Jason McKechnie, Nicole, 2012) presented by David Thodey CEO & acting CFO Mark dorm has been published and reports that Telstra announced its strategy continues to deliver financial realises.Report Statistics & Targets for 2012Business revenue results discussed by the Directors from Telstras Financial report half year ended 31 December 2011 (Laird, Jason McKechnie, Nicole , 2012) are as follows Total revenue increased by -1.1% or $136 millionto $12,419 million Net Profit After tax increased by -22.9% or $274 million to $1,468 million In relation to the 2011 Sustainability Report (Davies, Paul Migonneau, Bastein, 2011) Telstra believes that monitoring, measuring and reporting their progress helps them to improve on their service performance and lists this in figure 3. Figure 3 T elstras Values & Priorities For 2012 solution(Davies, Paul Migonneau, Bastein, 2011)FEEDBACK ON STAFF PERFORMANCETelstras performance revue process incorporates two informal quarterly reviews and a formal annual and half yearly review, targeting business results and leadership. Each team and section of Telstra has reward and erudition schemes in place to reward and encourage top performers. Telstra has a variety of incentive plans, tailored to different sectors of their workforce, which is designed to encourage high performance by rewarding employees for foregathering and exceeding performance objectives. Another way of accessing performance is by collating data on customers feedback about the exclusive consultant. every results can be produced through a team email, meeting or coaching.Obtaining a 360-degree feedback will be most valuable in assessing their strengths and weaknesses. The 360degree should be performed and accurate by their manager and up to five of their peers with whom they work. This assessment will let the business and employer know what people they work with think about their attitude, performance, and business ethics. execution Appraisals Determines Rewards and/or promotions for an individual who is meeting /exceeding performance account and discuss gaps in skills, knowledge and attitudes that impact on an individuals performance Identify and discuss environmental or workplace weaknesses preventing the individual from meeting their goals and objectives and Identifies an individuals future training and development needs Most staff members will expect that they will berequired to give feedback at the end of their appraisal. What is important is team members are made to feel that management will in truth take notice of their feedback and use it to coach and make any improvements.Live Performance MonitoringI have provided a sample bar chart below from when I worked at Telstra. The chart displays how a teams Adherence on calls is moni tored by the sales teams. As you see the amount of calls answered is the low column which is then followed by the activities that one undertakes piece on that call. The red highlighted boxes indicate improvement is required as the KPI target for AHT is 630min and Adherence is 88% patch your wrap should be the lowest possible as this is when the call has ended and your phone is sitting in Not Ready status, the key here is cease what you are doing while customer is on the phone & be in READY status for the next call. This Report is also part of the scorecard paying(a) arranging to calculate any sales bonus Figure 4 Activity Chart Sales Call CentreKPI Targets AHT 630Adherence 88%Source( Pusca, et al., 2012)Figure 4 shown in this report is my own collection of statistical results I obtained when working at Telstra in 2011/2012. The results are solely only for the train of this assignment. Names of Staff members have intentionally been removed for privacySTRATEGIES TO ADAPT CUSTOME R SERVICEThe only measure that will connect a business with the relevance of the work a staff member is performing is to find out if customers are happy or not with their service. You need to measure how the customer judges the outcome of the product or service, through a phone or email survey at the end ofeach business discussion. Telstra have this process in place. The process is completed by asking the customer to stay on the line while at the end of the call while you transfer them through to a questioner/ survey about your performance today. The rating is from 1 (lowest) & 5 (highest) then next they will be ask to provide any feedback. Statistics can be taken via the login of the consultants phone that produces a per cent % on how many customers were transferred to the questioner /survey.Customer panorama Satisfaction ResultTelstras Customer Support Services is also launching an initiative to revisit the handling and processing of customer requests for prompt reliable services and assistance. For the past few historic period, Telstra have proactively been monitoring the First Contact Resolution (FCR) metric as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of 80%. This is a voice of the customer driven strategy reported in a Corporate Responsibility Report (Inc, 2012) we are doing a lot to a considerableer extent than listening. We are implementing tools and processes that allow us to clearly understand and fix main points for our customers states David Thodey CEO. As well as the phone interaction customers have with staff Telstra has realized a bare-assed online panel My Telstra Experience so that customers can regularly tell them what they think of their experiences and where they need to improve on service. 2 Figure 5 Compliance MTD1FIncrease FCR Staff Must Set the right expectation to the customer about the call (how long it takes to process the order, keep the customer in the loop) Follow the correct hold procedure (set the expectation on how long they may need to wait) To reduce repeat calls within 7 days by giving the right contact numbers to customers i.e. for any IT Support or Bigpond enquiries please give out the correct number, that way in will not affect your FCR. When transferring, give the customer the number for the department you are transferring them to. Encourage customers to call the number provided for future reference or in case, the call drops out. ancestry (Dave, 2012)Remember to ask Can you please stay on the line to answer 2 questions regarding my customer service today?FEEDBACK TO MANAGEMENT ON clashing/EXCEEDING KPISWithin a call center, there are common business roles. There is Centre omnibuss for each department, squad Leaders, and Agents. The Centre Manager will have a number of Team Leaders reporting to them. They will be responsible for the recruitment, development and coaching of those who directly report to them. The Team Leaders role is to ensure individual agents are performing against targe ts, reviewing their performance and coaching/training them to do so.The Team Leaders will meet on a regular basis with the Centre Manager to provide feedback and to receive instructions or actions that need to take place. The Team Leader is responsible for keeping their agents informed of what is happening in the centre and anything that may affect the agents key tasks or performance targets. It is good management formula to consult and reflect on employees and other managers for feedback on a regular basis. Feedback allows one to gain input from others including, praise, criticism and suggestions for improvement.The ReportProviding Performance feedback to Management when their team has achieved KPI is an extraordinary accomplishment. Feedback is backed up with reports and they can include Documentation of expected results Standards of performance Progress toward achieving of results How well they were achieved Examples indicating achievement A report outlines the performance of t eam and individual staff members and how they have progressed since the last monthly/quarterly report. It will also show a comparison of whether they have improved or dropped in performance and if any training is required to fill gaps.Figure 6 shown in this report is my own collection of statistical results I obtained when working at Telstra in 2011/2012. The results are solely only for the purpose of this assignment. The names of staff members have been removed for privacyA GAP ANALYSIS ON CUSTOMER SERVICE MEASURESThe following performance reporting covers the 2011 financial year for Telstra Corporation Limited (Thodey, David Hall, Mark, 2011). In 2012, Telstra continue to focus on simplifying their business and improving their processes in order to better serve its customers.Telstras Primary Goals Serve the needs of its customers Improving online services & support Make Telstra a great place to work Reduce Telstras TIO complaints Con good word resources people, money, technology, products, and services To support the communities Strengthen the capability of the nations telecommunications infrastructure, and providing a sloshed foundation for economic growth, productivity improvement, and global competitive advantage. Service GoalsFigure 7Gap AnalysisActual Performance 20116.8%Target as of June 20127.1%Gap AnalysisCorrective Action1. Customer Satisfaction 2. Improving online service 3. Telstra a great place to work 4. Reduce Telstras TIO complaints 5. To support the communities 6. Economic growthSuccess 0.3% Failed 13% Failed 0% Failed 6% Failed 21% Success 0.7%Listen to customers, undertake a cause analysis when issues arise, & fixing the areas that customers are not happy with i.e. pricing Improved online access for account enquiries on mobile phones & customers to easily manage their account online Launched a new reward & recognition program to recognise individuals & teams Conducted a review of system operations to ensure that privacy of customer infor mation continues to be protected Provide communication technology training through grants, events, online content and DVDs They engage more with community organisations on issues impacting the lives of children and young people22% 75% 24% 44,000 people $24.80 million35% 76% 30% 80, 000 people $25,06 millionSource (CSG, Customer Service Guarantee)1. Telstra reached a 3% per cent improvement in customer satisfaction. Their approach is to be able to connect with the customer, understand and exceed their expectations, do to and solve customer complaints and fulfil expectations 2. Improving online services and encouraging customers to go online will help reduce call centre call queue and tour Telstra stores. This should have enhanced the customer experience. Telstra failed by 13% of online customer interaction with staff. 3. In 2012 Telstras goal was toImproved development performance by 1%, they failed 4. The Telecommunications industry Ombudsman (TIO) records complaint issues under s everal broad categories.Telstra had set a target to reduce TIO complaints by 30% in 2012 though failed by 6% 5. In 2010/11, the total value of Telstras social investment was $248 million. Increased numbers of people to be trained to know how to use mobile, internet etc. was set from 44,000 to 62,447. Telstra failed by 21 % 6. A key driver to the increase has also been the focus on improving customer service through investments made to improve the customer experience including improvements to the online Telstra portal and the implementation of the after hours customer service line.CONCLUSIONTelstra is Australias leading full service telecommunications and information services company. It offers a wide range of fixed and mobile telecommunications, and information products and services across Australia and overseas. Telstra uses its own network infrastructure. In addition, Telstra provides wholesale services to other telecommunications retailers, who then provide services, including vo ice, broadband and data services, to their own end user customers. Over the past year Telstra has recorded a turnaround in operational results, with strong customer growth. While not meeting majority of their targets, this years 2012 achievements must demonstrate real progress against their Service Goals.Telstra still have remarkable improvements to make and have set targets to improve their Service. In recent years, customer satisfaction in Australian telecommunications has failed to keep up with community expectations and consumers have responded with change magnitude complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).Customer Service is an essential factor in maintaining an organisations competitive edge in the marketplace. Many organisations are placing greater stress on developing a customer service culture and making it a priority. At the end of the day it is the people in the center who are the real influence on customers not the technology or the processes. A c ompany canhave great products, great services, great technology and great processes, but its the people that bring it together and make it happen. To establish the right service caliber standards is what Telstra need to bring into place. The following points list both(prenominal) standards I had not come across or not been mentioned by Telstra as one of their focuses for improvement Top management commitment to providing service quality Set, communicate, and reinforce customer-oriented service standards Establish challenging and realistic service quality goals Train managers to be service quality leaders Be receptive to new ways to deliver service quality Standardise repetitive tasksTelstra recorded a 3 per cent improvement in customer satisfaction in 2011/2012, with a reduction in TIO complaints however did not meet the target and failed by 6 per cent they had set out to achieve. To attract and retain customers a business needs to recognise different customers want different thin gs, and they need to provide products, solutions and service to cater to this. To differentiate themselves from their competitors, a business will benefit if they can demonstrate that they can provide the understanding and experience customers are seeking. Overall, the company is a dominant player and for the last five fiscal (financial) years of 2007 to 2011, continued to make up around 60% of the whole Australian communications services market. The significantly improved growth in customers returning to Telstra is tribute to the value in the companys new mobile plans as well as their network quality.Telstra will continue to roll-out new products for all our customers, from individual to Corporate and Government customers, taking into consideration the feedback of what their customers have told them. They are committed to upholding the legislated Telecommunications Customer Service Guarantee Standard 2011 (The CSG Standard), as amended and issued by the Australian Communications an d Media Authority (Thodey, David Hall, Mark, 2011) The objective of the Customer Service Guarantee is to impose a minimum level of performance on telecommunications carriers and service providers, for stipulate services, so that the quality of that service should not deteriorate in any way but will improve significantly and should enable consumers to enjoy a reasonable level of service. (ACA, 1999)

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Product Complexity Defination

crossing complexness definition What harvest complexness office to release chain and the industry? It can be influence antitheticly based on the industry and the market. A lot people think complexness is the same meaning with complicacy or simplicity. Unfortunely, both of the definition is wrong be seduce complexness is something that interacts among each other and sub divide it in all its single elements and plump to the solution of the problems. Complexity makes a supply chain inflexible and inefficient, Hoole writes. It excessively hampers on time delivery and creates problems for crossway quality. From the manufacturing come with stand point, it pass on cause complexity when the variety over the limit of the supply chain. For example, to serve the incompatible types of logistics customer, better technologies to make the merchandise, the different types of the gross sales channel, handle different types of raw materials and parts. Webster define complexity as 1a) t he quality or state being composed of two or more separate or analyzable items, parts, constituents, or symbol. 2a) having legion(predicate) varied parts, or elements, and consequently hard to understand. b) marked by involvement of many parts, aspects, and need earnest study or examination to understand it. base on product design, it defines as proportional to the total number of design decision (Baldwin& Clark 2009). The number of functions designed into products (Griffin 1997a, 1997b), the numbers pool of components (Gupta&Krishnan 1999). Other than that, it defines as number of sensible modules and by the degree of dependency (Kaski&Heikkila 2002). It also has three different definitions for the complex system like it is a system that mixes with the different parts in a complicated way and hard for the industry to understand. Flood &Carson 1988). According to Klir(1985), a system manifesting differentiation and connectively. Complexity is divided into 2 big categories multip licity and relatedness into the products. A lot of times, product complexity only call as ceteris paribus and it means a product contain more components or more interrelationship among it elements. ingathering complexity is defined as assessment about the number of components in a product. Industrial purchasing process can affect by a multitude of complexities induced by the nature of purchased products, the organizational structure and the influences of the external environment.Other than that, product complexity is directly unify to the supply chain surgical operation management. Because of this, Jacob literature defines the complexity supply chain by the number of parts and degree of unpredictability, represents by three facts the number of components, extend of interactions, and degree of product novelty. overly that, represent by the numbers of modules and markets, it also clear in the different types of the suppliers and their interaction. Because of this, Jacob define th e product complexity as a design of multiplicity, relatedness to others, and product architecture elements.Multiplicity is a unique category and relatedness has three different types like affinity, complementary, and inter-connectedness. Complementary is for economic sense of a product like mp3 player and unison player (Jacob). Similarity is merchandise that sharing the same components, provide the same functions, and same benefit role of the products to the market. Other than that, According to Ulrichs (2005), inter-connectedness is a assortment of connection of interface such as slot, and sectional typology.It also includes the logical and mechanical connection between two elements. For example, it modified of old products through the similarity of the components and the function of the products. (Jacob) Literature define Product portfolio complexity management as the combination of decisions, value systems, supporting process, and initiative pertaining to deciding and employi ng the most effective product portfolio like mix product types, feature sets, and components types. Product complexity has several levels in system theory according to Boulding and Simons (1956, 1962).In the literature, the levels of the products are product categories, the portfolio of a firm exserting, and extend of the product components level. Based on Henderson literature, product complexity had 2 objectives of funding requirements (generating large amounts of cash and estimate long terms sales growth) and the risk mitigation. A lot of firms try to introduce the different types of products into the market to offset economic or political risk, as well as offer broader lines in the hope of increasing the opportunity of a product can become a runaway success. Mark) The other forces that like competitive positioning allow for cause a firm to offer more products. The impact of product complexity Product complexity will cause problem in supply chain process execution related to pro duct supply, manufacture, innovation, delivery, and support. Product complexity play a main role of affirm operation, the impact of it are complexity management, inventory, and measure. Inventory is a very important force to tie the streams together into the complexity management like the reducing inventory level or cost, and also focus on improving inventory position.Based on Krishnan and Gupta (2001) literature, relatedness and multiplicity has the implicit relationship and they found out the benefit to increasing the use of the greens platforms was the function of components costs. According to Hoole, we need to use the right metric to measures complexity and the leader need to focus more careful on product and component rationalization. After that, it can use the metric result to manage the number of components of a product more efficaciously than others.For instance, the unit costs of the components are standardized and not too high relative to alternative suitable components , the increasing of platform will beneficial. By doing this, the company has the advantageous on the cost effectively when they pursuing to the market segment because it increase the profit and decrease the complexity. A good combination of work cam emerged on the topic of modularity represent the increase of the complexity. It will enable scale economic (Pine, Victor & Boynton 1993), engineering efficiencies (Jacob), and improved coordination (Schilling 2000).All the benefits are shown analytically related to the cost components being standardized ( Fisher et al 1996). Modularity will have the importance impact on elements of competitive advantage according to the empirical enquiry. Complexity wills increase cost and dominate the revenue benefit. (Lancaster, 1979 Moorthy, 1984). Product complexity affects the company economics of the transaction costs and the sourcing and design in operation management. There are 2 theoretical perspectives in the effect of product complexity into o perations.Theory of performance frontiers (TPF) and transaction cost economics (TCE). Strategic on managing supply chain complexity One of the way to reducing the complexity problems is to follow lean ware and Just In Times manufacturing ( Womack 1990) basically refer to the principle that the leaner, the better. According to the literature, a lots of the marketing managers, designers, and the engineers need to fee attention on the product innovation, mass customization, variety reduction program, value analysis, and modularization to managing the product complexity ( Perona 2004).According to the Perona literature, it has empirical evidences to show the ways to manage the complexity like the joint venture with the suppliers, product modularization, and information systems for production planning and control. The main issue is the supplier can help the company reduce complexity and improve company performance. Based on the information that collected from the companies show that t he company has the stable relationship get the lower complexity score and the company with the short term relationship has the higher complexity and hard to manage.By investing in joint venture the suppliers can help companies saves times in managing commercial transactions, decrease defects rates in delivery merchandise, improve the transaction reliability, and reduce the effective stock reduction. The product reengineering has the most control on the products to link in between marketing and production it will helps the them to cause miscommunication on the production process and improved their productions. Based on the transaction cost, company need to decide either in house production or outsourcing of components.Some of the products are easy to outsourcing but it will cost a lot of production cost. Complexity always has the perspective the less complexity is always better because it focus on reduce the procurement cost from reducing unique parts. The numbers of components that required manufacturing products increase, the effort dedicated to ensuring conformance will increase. It will increase the cost to make the products. Another research mentions that production process link to the measures of research and development effectiveness.To ensure successful supply chain complexity management, the management team needs to set targets for both managing advantageous complexity and reducing negative complexity for the employee to follow and work on it to set the differentiation level. The other steps to manage supply chain complexity are to identify the different type of key complexity drivers. It can divide in 3 different categories like configuration and structure, products and services, and process and systems. ConclusionSome of the company likes complexity because it can increase their sales based on the product differentiation. Based on the sales return and cost, complexity can create the potential for the trump out level in product complexity portfolio . A lot of the company think that product complexity can help the company make different in the customer demand, the way on handle the supply chain and the relationship with supplier. Managing product complexity effectively can be daunting organizational task.Most if the times, the impact of the inventory of a company will reducing the safety stock to simplify the supply chain level based on the Degree of Commonality Index(DCI) increased. By doing this, it can help the company save money in the long term and reduce the transportation cost. If the company pretermit to handle the product and supply chain complexity will cause the company increased the cost and affect the quality of products in the lifecycle management. According to Hoole, it imply the company to use the right metric to track complexity

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Storey’s Three Comopnent Model

Moving on to the foster part of the question looking at Storeys , Three Component Model and how utilitarian it is in identifying the list characteristics of successful growth businesses. Most of the small businesses do not grow beyond their classification as a micro firm, very few of the small firms rise to become a medium-size enterprise, and even fewer rise to become large companies in the future. Storey (1994) has identified three key components in the analysis of the growth of the small firms, they ar influenced by the characteristics of the entrepreneur, the characteristics of the organization and the types of strategy associated.Various diametric characteristics of each component can lead to a different type of growth within the SME. The characteristics of the entrepreneur argon widely accepted as the vital ingredient that influences growth. For example, the personal goals of an entrepreneur are probably to influence why a business was started in the first place, as well a s the capacity of the firms growth orientation once it was established. Storeys places less emphasis on personality per se and more on the personal characteristics which influence access to resources.These include * Motivation This is probable to be the most indispensable and essential action or a commitment by the entrepreneur which makes a considerable difference in the growth of the enterprise. * Previous wieldment experience Earlier knowhow of organizing pot and processes is important in maintaining growth. * Demographics of the entrepreneur This is essentially with regard to the personality traits of the entrepreneur viz. Age and Education.These 2 traits can influence the growth of the firm, Entrepreneurs with utmoster educational qualifications are more likely to find hi-tech and knowledge-based firms which in turn can be linked with higher growth rate of the firm. * Team management over individual management Access to a wide range of resources, skills, experiences, ad vice and other resources is important to growth. A group of entrepreneurs are more liable to have the attributes wanted than just one person. Alongside these characteristics are more personal ones. Owners have a need to be independent and want to be their proclaim managers. They believe that they can control and change the environment within which they work, to their benefit. They are often high achievers and are looking for recognition of their success. (Burns, 2001). The characteristics of the enterprise too have an influence on its growth prospects Ownership and healthy form A limited caller-out is more likely to grow than a sole dealer or partnership.Limited companies offer greater goodwill thereby attracting more customers and resources that it needs to accelerate its growth. It is also possible that as the companies develop they acquire a limited liability status so that the legitimate form is a result of growth. Firms Age Younger firms tend to grow more and faster than the real old firms, which reflects the need of the younger firm to attain a significant level of critical chaw to survive in the marketplace.Firms Size Small firms find it very hard to grow to level of the bigger firms, as they lack the resources, skills and competitive edge. One of the main reasons being the entrepreneurs with a micro-firm do not care to grow because of the reasons stated above. Management devolution is essential for growth as it becomes impossible for the entrepreneur to manage on their own. Those firms that recruit experienced managers from larger firms are likely to be more successful. (Storey, 1994).Storeys review of area where management strategy may influence the growth of small firms includes Introduction of in the raw products Companies cannot rely on a smaller product or service range for growth. They continuous establishment in the form of new products and services is a key to growth. This also includes modification of the existing products. manduc tion of Equity Willingness to share equity with external individuals or organizations was identified in small firms that actually achieved high rates of growth. Market position Adopting defined niche markets is a key ingredient for the growth of the company

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Mosquito Killer Essay

The playing ara is entitled combine radical of Garlic (genus Allium sativum) and Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus). Specifically, it sought to find give away how these two solutions (lemongrass and garlic) can effectively scratch off mosquitoes. It aimed at looking for an entire and safe measure in treating the abundance of mosquito. Ideally, the researchers study promotes a tandem between science and creations conservation. The materials composing the solution were 40 mL of the feature solution of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) and Garlic (Allium sativum). The set up was composed of experimental and control group. The experimental group was world sprayed employ a specific mercantile pesticide. On the other(a) hand, the control group was being sprayed using the organic mosquito killer. Data were collected to gather relevant information. In the light of the findings of the study, it was found out that the solution composing of 40 mL solution of Garlic (Allium sativum) an d Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) extract can kill mosquitoes in a short span of time comp bed with the commercial one. It took only _________before the mosquitoes died.CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONMosquitoes are vector agents that race disease causing viruses and parasites that lead to life-threatening diseases from one person to person without catching the disease themselves. It prefers great deal over others. The preferential victims sweat simply smells better than others because of the proportions of the carbon dioxide and other compounds that set up up the body odor. A large part of the mosquitos sense of smell is devoted to sniffing out human targets. Mosquitoes are estimated to transmit disease to more than 700 million people annually in Africa, entropy America, Central America, Mexico, and much of Asia with millions of resulting deaths. At least 2 million people annually die of these diseases.Today, non just our whole country, Philippines, but also the entire world is facing h uge problems in intercourse to the abundance of mosquitoes in the community. In fact, many alternatives and methods such as different kinds of drugs, vaccines, biting louseicides, nets and repellants are now notice and created in order to eradicate mosquitoes, prevent diseases, and protect individuals. We opted to make this study to pursue an alternative organic agent of mosquito eradication. The result of this study is to propose an alternative but organic and safe solution in treating the abundance of mosquito in our locality. Moreover, this aimed to significantly help the residents who are greatly affected by these mosquitoes in a way that this study will provide them a new avenue in treating the great material body of mosquitoes.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThis study entitled Garlic (Allium sativum) and Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) as Mosquito Killer is aimed to know the insecticidal effect of Allium sativum and Cymbopogon citratus on mosquitoes in terms of a. How effective is the Garlic (Alium sativum) and Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)? b. What is the compared time duration of the commercial product and experimental product?HYPOTHESISThe study hypothesized that the combined solution of Garlic (Allium sativum) and Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) is more likely effective than commercial product on mosquitoes in terms of the number of mosquitoes that will die.SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe conduct of this study is significant in lessening the number of mosquitoes all over the country. This would extend an alternative solution for everybody put down less fare of money in treating the abundance of mosquitoes here in our locality and therefore cooperation and imaging will primarily be observed by the people. Specifically, this will bring benefits to the following Government. This would provide the regime a new avenue in lessening the number of mosquitoes. The materials that will be utilise are recycled and organic in which their availability is easil y utilise and therefore they will spend less amount of money in treatment for the abundance of mosquitoes in the society.Residents. This study raises the awareness level of residents in our country. They would be able to foresee the importance of being resourceful of the things in our surroundings.SCOPE AND LIMITATIONThis study rivet on the insecticidal effect of Garlic (Allium sativum) and Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) on mosquitoes. The materials used were just gathered around the researchers household. The investigation utilized 6 mosquitoes that were placed in a transparent container.DEFINTION OF TERMSMosquito. From the Spanish or Portuguese signification little fly is a common insect in the family Culicidate (from the Latin culex meaning midge or gnat). Mosquitoes resemble crane flies (family Tupilidae) and chironomid flies (family Chironomidae), with which they are sometimes confused by the casual observer. Organic. both member of a large class of chemical compounds wh ose molecules contain carbon. Geraniol. A monoterpenoid and an alco0hol. It is the primary part of bloom oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil (Java type). It also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon, and many other essential oils. Solution. A homogenous mixture composed of two substances. Erradicate. Get rid of something completely.Insecticide. A chemical substance used to kill insects.REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATUREAllium sativum yields allicin, an antibiotic and antifungal compound (phytoncide). It has been claimed that it can be used as a home remedy to help speed recovery from throat or other minor ailments because of its antibiotic properties. It also contains the sulfur-contaning compounds alliin, ajoene, diallylsulfide, dithiin, S-allylcysteine, and enzymes, vitamin B, proteins, minerals, saponins, flavonoids, and maillard reaction products which are non-sulfur containing compounds. Furthermore a phytoalexin called allixin was found, inhibiting skin tumor formation. Herein, allixin and/or its analogs may be expected useful compounds for cancer prevention or chemotherapy agents for other diseases.The composition of the bulbs is some 84.09% water, 13.38% organic matter, and 1.53% inorganic matter, while the leaves are 87.14% water, 11.27% organic matter, and 1.59% inorganic matter. Fresh C. citratus grass contains approximately 0.4% explosive oil. The oil contains 65% to 85% citral, a mixture of 2 geometric isomers, geraniol and neral. Related compounds geraniol, geranic acid, and nerolic acid progress to also been identified. More than a dozen of other minor fragrant components were also found. Research has shown geraniol to be an effective plant-based mosquito repellant. Another popular theory is that ingesting garlic can provide protection against mosquitoes. A University of computed tomography study examined this claim with a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover study.The data didnt provide evidence of significant mosqu ito repellence. However, put down only consumed garlic once, and the researchers say that more prolonged ingestion may be needed. There are also other natural mosquito repellants that are being researched like the Fennel, Thyme, Clove oil, Celery extract, Neem oil, Vitamin B1. Biopesticide insect repellants (sometimes called natural, botanical or plant-based) has been proven to be as effective as those containing synthetic chemical compounds like DEET. Remember, however, that natural doesnt always mean safe, so you should use plant-based insect repellants as cautiously as any other. With the literature presented above, it can be seen that the study has some bearing capabilities and properties to other tempt in the sense that it tackles the capacity of some organic materials such garlic juice and lemongrass oil as effective mosquito repellant.

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Community Organization Reflective Paper Essay

Every little deviate counts, and this is what I absorb learned after watch this video. A few lot that are committed are better than having thousands of people that do non care about anything. This is like having few people that are willing to accept convince than people who embraces the old system for fear of losing what they already pay off. The capitalists out there though dont come out to mind groups made of small numbers of people because of their number as they fight for cordial change in their area. well-disposed change when defined is a change that is happening in the environment, in our society, in the way we deal with other people, changes in the society or within the community. There are certainly good and bad sides of social change, including having social movements and social community organization that tries to trans litigate with it. One pillowcase of social change and the movement that is associated with it is the equal right movement for blacks in the Un ited States.There was in addition the movement that was established for the right of women to vote or the suffrage right for women. It only means that social change can happen globally or within the locality and it can be caused by certain aspects like religion or economic or social forces that we encounter from time to time. We alike befool what we call progressive organizing which is about defending the weak and providing for the needy in an attempt to have a balance world (Rubin & Rubin 2008, p.4). With progressive organizing, every whiz is equal hence there is no racial discrimination and they have everyone and accepts everyone regardless of their culture and gender preference or skin color. These people are bonded with one culture and they have one belief in attaining their goal. With progressive organizing, the inequality among people and progression is cosmos eliminated hence allowing for a more balance society both financially and economically. But there are things tha t even this type of movement needs inorder to succeed like infrastructure, financial assist or fund, good leaders, trusted members and supporters that are willing to help at all costs, one mess and goal and shared value (Hardisty & Perea, 2005).Just like progressive organizing, we also have community organizing where in members of the community forms a group together to protect themselves and their love ones from possible social issues within the community. confederacy organizations are established with the goals that everyone is aware of like policies and rules within the community. The role of community organization is to involve everyone in the community and thread them create actions for their own good. Most of the community organizations that we have are established by non-profit organizations to make people in the area work together. The key for a community organization to work is to make authorized everyone is involved, empowered and aware of the importance of their pres ence. Here are the ten concepts that we need to have when organizing a community group-the power to make something happen-the capability to make everyone work for the group and not for themselves alone hence makes them participate-having leadership trainings to develop members that shows potential leadership capability -to make them aware of the current political condition hence political education should be provided -give strategies on how to compass goals-to make people do something, mobilization or making thing happen-to make them do the action, let the members participate and do their job themselves -to be a winner meaning they are achieving their goals as they wanted-to do evaluation and assessment because through assessment can they figure out which action works and which one not. From then, they can move on and improve on the current action they have and do better the next time they have a project to work on with (Getsos & Minieri, 2007).Social community groups can start by doing something that they believe is right for their community like having curfews for their children. Once the goal is established, the members can share responsibilities like who will guard the community exits and entrances to ensure that everyone is home at the express hour. Individual member can now play their role, select the part they want to play and do it for the common goodness of their community. I knew acommunity where in everyone is encouraged to participate in purchasing the products of their fellow members before choosing other products from the market especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables which is actually good because they can now demoralise fresh fruits and vegetables while at the same time helping their co-members earn something. Social change is need because there is a social problem hence in order for a social change to take effect, we must understand first the social problem we have. Identify the problem that you are having in the society and com munity and make sure that it is in fact a problem and not skilful a part of your cultural heritage like maybe part of your prejudistic personality. If you have a cod problem in the community, then it will be easier to device a resolution for it and this time, make sure that everyone on the organization is ready to participate and are willing to be empowered.ReferencesHardisty, J. & Perea, A. (2005). Mapping the Progressive Movement. Retrieved fromhttp// Rubin, Herbert J., and Rubin, Irene S (2008)Community Organizing and Development Pearson Education, Inc. New York, NY.Getsos, P. & Minieri, J. (2007). Community Organizing- what do we mean?., Chardon Press., Retrieved from http// 21st Century Enlightenment (2011). Retrieved from http//